Sociology 1020: Contemporary Social Issues (Vanderbilt University Summer 2016)

This course examines social change, conflict, and inequality in modern society. Throughout the course, students will investigate various social issues (e.g.., racism, sexism, heterosexism, agism, and class inequality) drawing on an array of sociological perspectives. While the topics we cover in class may be familiar, the approach to understanding them may not be. Throughout this course, students will assess the potential for individual and collective action to produce social change. 


Vanderbilt University

2014: Gender and Families (Fall); Race, Gender and Health (Spring)

2013: Race, Gender and Sport (Fall); Self, Society, and Social Change (Spring)

2012: Creativity, Innovative, and Society (Fall); Sociological Perspectives (Spring)

2011: Law and Society (Fall)

Western Washington University

2010: Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (Spring)