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Abstract: The racial and ethnic makeup of the United States has become increasingly diverse over the past few decades. Growing rates of interracial dating and marriage have led to an increasing number of biracial individuals. Despite increasing rates of biracial individuals, research on this population specifically in relation to dating preferences, remains limited in scope. In order to assess biracial individuals’ romantic partner preferences, the present research examines 1,203 Internet dating profiles drawn from This study utilizes logistic regression to examine the willingness of biracial individuals to cross the color line when seeking a potential romantic partner. The findings suggest that there are distinct racial dating preferences that reflect the presence of a triracial hierarchy. These results are examined in relation to how identity formation and racial stratification may play a part in shaping the racial/ethnic dating preferences of biracial individuals.

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Abstract: Social movement actors increasingly turn to the law and pursue litigation in their efforts to bring about social change. Our article provides an overview of scholarship on collective and politicized litigation, drawing from sociolegal studies, political science, and sociology. We consider scholarship that illuminates why activists turn to litigation tactics in the first place and circumstances in which a social movement litigation strategy can be successful.We also consider additional impacts of movement litigation. Given that social movement researchers in sociology have, to date, paid only limited attention to activist litigation, we encourage scholars in the discipline to investigate further this important form of social movement mobilization.

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Abstract: This study investigates the inter- and intraracial dating preferences of heterosexual Asian males and females as well as gay Asian males. Using data collected from 1,270 Internet dating profiles, logistic regression is employed to examine the odds of one’s willingness to date someone who is Asian, White, Black, Hispanic, and some other race. The findings suggest that heterosexual females and gay males prefer to date Whites over nonwhites. Moreover, respondents from both sexual orientations were less likely to express a preference to date another Asian compared to their heterosexual male counterparts. Our results also reveal that educational attainment influences the willingness among Asians to date a fellow Asian. Finally, the analyses indicate significant differences in dating preferences based on the region of residence and age. The current results are discussed in relation to both the historical and present sociocultural racial climate, focusing on how media depictions and identity formation may play a part in shaping racial dating preferences for Asians.

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Abstract: This study examines early sexual initiation and HIV awareness among Asian adolescents (ages 13 – 18).  Using data collected from an Asian Youth Inventory Survey (N= 165), logistic regression is performed to analyze the impact of various sociodemographic characteristics and selected risk attitudes and behaviors on the occurrence of sexual intercourse.  OLS regression is also used to determine the effects of compositional variables (e.g., family composition, birth status, and ethnicity) on HIV awareness.  Results reveal that the odds of early sexual initiation are increased when Asian adolescents feel discriminated against, have friends who are sexually active, come from nonnuclear families, and who possess attitudes that are favorable to drinking and drug use.  Concerning HIV awareness, foreign born Asian youth are less knowledgeable about the transmission of HIV than their U.S. born counterparts.  Findings also suggest that females have a greater understanding about HIV than do males.

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Abstract:  This study investigates interracial dating preferences between black and white daters over the age of 45. Using data from one of the largest matchmaking website (N= 1,335), logistic regression is used to examine the odds of one's willingness to date someone of a different race or ethnicity. The findings suggest that older s in the present sample are more likely to cross the color line when seeking a potential mate compared to their white counterparts. The results also reveal that higher education increases the willingness among whites to date a person of color; however, this was not the case for older educated blacks who were more resistant to cross racial boundaries. Finally, the results indicate significant differences in dating preferences based on various socio-demographic characteristics. The variation in mate selection between older whites and blacks may be explained in part by both the historical and present sociocultural racial climate.


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