My dissertation, “Redefining a Rape Culture: The Influence of Anti-Violence-Against-Women Organizations on Mass Media Discourse,” examines the role that social movement organizations have when it comes to influencing the content and framing of mass media as a means of achieving cultural change. Drawing on media coverage of eight anti-violence-against-women organizations (AVAWOs) over a five-year time period spanning from 2011 to 2015, I investigate the social movement organizational and broader environmental factors that shape mass media coverage. Employing both qualitative and quantitative methods, my research demonstrates the direct and interact effects that various organizational (e.g., organizational identity, organizational resources, tactics and media strategies) and environmental (e.g., political opportunities, discursive media opportunities) factors have when it comes to the quantity and quality of media coverage that each AVAWOs receives. My dissertation focuses on the intersection of social movements, violence against women, and mass media and speaks to the dearth of literature that examines the cultural outcomes of social movement organizations more broadly.